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Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

Cyber Girl Tourney: Sweet Sixteen, Part 2

After a brief hiatus, we continue our tournament bracket to find out who will be crowned the Greatest Cyber Girl of All-Time in our ongoing polls. The first part of the Sweet Sixteen round was quite eventful, with three "upsets," and one 6th seed reaching the Elite Eight. Let's recap:

  • #5 Jillian Beyor def. #1 Monica Leigh: The first of the #1 seeds to go down, prolific former Playmate and CGOY Monica was beat to the punch by fan favorite Jillian early on. Miss Beyor jetted to a big early lead, and although Monica clawed back valiantly, it was Jill's huge profile and following that got her over the hump. It may not be a major upset, since she has a fighting chance as we move forward.
  • #3 Jamie Graham def. #2 Sharae Spears: Sharae was the second of the three former CGOYs to go down in this round of voting. There really was never much competition, as Miss Graham is one of the most favored Cyber Girls in recent years, and has a massive fan backing that could carry her to the Final Four. After dominating the first round, she easily took care of Sharae in a battle of the bodies.
  • #4 Bethanie Badertscher def. #1 Jo Garcia: The next CGOY and #1 seed to bite the dust was, surprisingly, Jo. Although I had her as one of the favorites to win it all, the fans apparently didn't think so. She struggled early against Dana Dicillo, and got beat in every single way by our current reigning CGOY. Beth may have benefited from her current high profile, having pictorials of herself published as voting went on. Whatever it is, it was a pretty surprising upset that could give Miss Badertscher enough momentum to carry her for a long time.
  • #6 Hillary Fisher def. #7 Kortnie O'Connor: The two lowest seeds still around, one of them had to go, and it was the lesser known Kortnie that was cast aside. Hillary is one of the great darkhorse upset candidates of the tournament, with her popularity and freshness, she can make a statement as she moves on to face our newest CGOY.
And now, let's look forward as we finally get the voting back underway:
  • #1 Cabal vs. #5 Holland
    Will Merritt Cabal become the latest #1 seed casualty? Will any #1 seeds even make the Elite 8 round? Those are the questions as she faces off against one of the three former Playmates (the others being Carmella and Nicole) left in the tourney. Kim has the firepower to pick off a girl who is perhaps the weakest of the CGOYs left in the field, and she struggled mightily against bottom seeded Tailor James. This one might be a toss-up.
    Prediction: Holland by 10%
  • #3 Hurt vs. #7 Whitehead
    This one is a definite clash of styles. Nicole is a slim, bubbly former Playmate whose Cyber Girl feature may not have packed the same kind of punch, but who also comes off a destruction of CGOY Alicia Burley. However, Jennifer Hurt is simply one of the major favorites to win it all, with a strong fan following and a curvy body and fun posing style. It would be a tough one to pull off for the lowest seeded model remaining.
    Prediction: Hurt by 50%
  • #1 Cooper vs. #5 Richardson
    Here, we have a contrast of accomplishments. Amy Sue Cooper is easily the strongest of the two #1's left, and a possibility to go all the way. She comes off an easy win, and faces Danielle Richardson, who has never even been a CGOM, and is fresh off a tough upset over Stephanie Eve. Amy Sue looks in good position to move on here, but we've seen it all in this tourney.
    Prediction: Cooper by 30%
  • #2 Barre vs. #3 DeCesare
    On first glance, it would seem that the first ever CGOY is in a whole lot of trouble here. Erika Michelle Barre struggled to even close out against rather unknown Carolee Bass, and she'll have a whole lot of trouble here. Carmella absolutely annihilated Paula LaRocca in the first round, and looks to be the strongest candidate so far to win the entire tourney. If Erika can conjure up more than a handful of votes, she'd be extremely lucky.
    Prediction: DeCesare by 80%
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